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Buy YouTube Views, Likes & Engagements in Kenya.

YouTube views, likes and engagements/ comments are important for viewers, other competitors and fans to see value in your content. It has been established that people tend to engage more with videos that has more views, likes and comments over a short period of time. As a creative & for you to get verified and recommended by YouTube, you’ll need a certain amount of views, which accumulates to watch-time, Likes which in turn shows that the views are legitimate and the comment section whereby clients go to air their views literally on how they found the video to be like.

At Elite Focus Entertainment, we provide you with legit viewership when it comes to YouTube views, Likes and legitimate comments on your videos.

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We also assist with regional and global music distribution, media tour, radio and T.V interviews and heavy rotation on media.

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Why Buy YouTube Views?

The biggest quiz to ask yourself is, why buy YouTube views in Kenya? So many artists have been accused of buying views but that’s the primary reason why they keep on trending and doing better since people are on their YouTube channels trying to find out how and why other people are criticizing their channels and their actions but before you know it, the traffic generated to those channels YouTube acknowledges as legit traffic hence keeping the auto-generated views. The “Mdomo” video by “Harmonize” featuring Ibrah” is one of such videos that made it to 1 Million views after premiere.

Why Buy YouTube Subscribers & YouTube Views In Kenya?

YouTube algorithms are shifting each and every year and as they keep on improving the platform for the end-user, things are getting tougher for the content creators this is simply because each and every day, millions of content are added to the platform and the only way YouTube can recommend your videos is simply when it has certain amounts of hits in terms of subscription and interactions in terms of viewers.

YouTube users in terms of viewers or rather fans as you may call them are also adapting and conforming to the fact that the topmost recommended content on the YouTube search is the best content for them amongst millions and millions on pages on top of pages that stay hidden beneath the search results.

So what’s the surest way to stay ahead of the game?  If you can’t beat the system, use the resources you have to stay ahead of the curve and that’s where we come in. 

We study YouTube each and every day like Wallstreet and over the years we have identified ways that work and those that time has passed by and we’ll leave no stone unturned in making sure you get the best results in terms of YouTube Subscription and YouTube viewership.

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