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Advertising Agency Company In Kenya

Are you Looking For an Advertising Agency In Kenya that Will Bring You Marketing and Campaigns Ideas to Life with greater Reach & Higher Conversion Rate? Then Look No Further, You're At the Right Place!!

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Advertising Company Agency In Kenya | Advertising Agency Company in Kenya

Advertising Agency Company In Kenya

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At Elite Focus, We are the leading advertising agency company in Kenya that provides cutting edge advertising solutions to start-ups and existing companies.

Our first focal point is mainly on the content creation, where our team with the help of the client, come together and brainstorm on the best ways to bring the idea to life.

First we explore ways in which your brand can march and beat the existing competition while also keeping in mind futuristic ideas to make your brand lead and maintain it’s status in the existing market place.

If you’re looking for a competent and a result oriented advertising agency company in Kenya that will take your brand to the next level, email us on or call us on +254740694774 


Content Marketing Services In Kenya.

At Elite Focus, we provide professional content marketing services in Kenya. Our team of professional strategic content marketing creators, took their time to understand advertising metrics influenced by human behavioural patterns and technological advancements, which has been a key factor in giving us a hedge in the content marketing ever competitive world.

Each and everyday companies, SMEs and Start-ups device different ways to stay ahead of the game with those companies not living up to the task falling short and out of the competition.

It’s therefore ideal to have a team working round the clock on the quality of your content being marketed out there in order to have an appealing brand that attracts, converts and keeps the already existing clients and partners.

If you’re looking for a company that shall assist your brand with content marketing services in Kenya, email us on, call us on +254740694774.

Social Media Marketing Services In Kenya.

Are you looking for professional social media marketing services in Kenya? At elite focus entertainment group we provide professional social media marketing services on all leading digital marketing platforms, search engines and social networking platforms worldwide.

Our social media marketing team has earned a place in the global competitive arena when it comes to content creation, SEO and digital marketing and have came up with practical social media marketing solutions that will assist you have a greater reach and a higher conversion rate on the reached audience.

Call us on +254 740 694 774 or Email us on for professional Social media marketing services in Kenya.

Advertising on Billboard, Television & Radio in Kenya

Advertising on Television, Billboard & Radio in Kenya

Are you looking forward to publicizing your brand by advertising on billboard, television & radio in Kenya. Depending on the brand and the intended audience, our team of professionals will assist you with content creation when it comes to conceptualizing, filming and voice over services. Content Analysis and Brand Positioning via Billboard, Television and Radio in Kenya.

This has been an efficient method used globally to market brands products and services. A formula that is still very efficient when kept in to practice and with the right intent, content and targeted audience in mind.

It is always important to be strategic and at Elite Focus we have always been strategic at planning and executing our strategies.

Call us on +254 740 694 774 or Email us on for Marketing Services and Advertising on Billboard, Television and Radio in Kenya.

Sales & Marketing Strategies & Campaigns.

Sales & Marketing Strategies & Campaigns | Event Campaigns Services in kenya

We have a dedicated professional team in the experiential marketing department who in assistance with the sales and marketing team ensures that the sales & marketing strategies & campaigns do generate physical leads based on end user experience and that familiarizes the consumers with both the brand and the taste of the brand.

On the sales and marketing campaigns, we also get to receive real time feedback and the perception of the brand which we submit to the client form of analysis for further improvements.

We also ensure that the campaign materials are created in reflection of the clients’ best interest and that the team out there represents the brand as best as it would be.

Marketing Strategies are also conceptualized depending on the target audience and the product(s) being marketed so as to have a realistic feedback on the ground as well as practicality when it comes to market analysis.

Elite Focus offers endless ideologies and working strategies that we look forward to keep improving when it comes to sales & marketing of products and services campaigns in Kenya.

Are you looking to revolutionize the visibility and user experience of your product or service in Kenya? Look no further, Elite Focus provides you with result oriented sales & marketing strategies & campaigns services like no other in Kenya.

Email us on or Call us on +254 740 694 774 or Click the button below to speak to a professional or get more insight.

We are Now In The City Under The Sun!! Nairobi Kenya!!

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