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Elite Focus Events

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Elite Focus Events | events Planning in Kenya| Events Equipment for Hire in Kenya | Elite Focus Entertainment Africa

Corporate Event Planning Company in Kenya

Elite Focus Entertainment Africa is a full corporate event company in Kenya dealing in all events supplies, essentials and accessories.

Whether it’s a small birthday party or a 6000 people event, we have just the right event supply for you.

  • Below are some types of events we plan in Kenya;
  • Corporate Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Events
  • Awareness Campaigns and Road Shows
  • Team Building and Camps
  • Product launch and Service Activations
  • Private Affairs including Birthday, Get Togethers weddings and Anniversaries. 
Email us on or call us on +254740694774 for queries or to request for quotes. You can also click the button below to visit our “One Click Contact Page” to contact one of our attendants via WhatsApp, Email or Phone.

The Official Partners of mater Heart run 2019

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Event tables and chairs forr hire in Kenya | Chiavari chairs for hire | Tiffany chairs for hire | round tables for hire | Centrepieces for hire

event Tables and Chairs For Hire in Kenya

At Elite Focus Entertainment we provide professional rental event accessories and equipment for hire to individuals and event planning companies in Kenya.

We provide rental event tables and chairs for hire in Kenya.

  • Event Tables for Hire in Kenya include; Round Tables, Cocktail Tables, Rectangular Tables and Longue Tables.
  • Event Chairs for hire in Kenya include; Chiavari chairs, Tiffany Chairs, Tiffany Chairs, longue Seats and Cocktail Chairs.
Email us on or Call us on +254740694774 for quotes.

Event Deejay and Emcee Services For Hire in Kenya

Wedding and Events Deejay and Emcee Services for Hire in Kenya | Event Deejay & Emcee For hire in Kenya

We provide professional event deejay and emcee services for corporate events and private affairs in Kenya.

Our experienced deejays have just the right playlist suited for your event and with the right sound system and deejay equipment, our team ensures each and every event experience is magical and satisfactory appealing feeling to all those in attendance and most of all to our esteemed clients.

On the other hand our experienced event emcees are professional in conducting the event program with an ease of flow and program transitioning.

Are you looking for professional event deejay and emcee for hire in Kenya, Call us on +254740694774 or Email us on


Event Accessories and Equipment For Hire

Event Deejay & Emcee for hire in Kenya

Are you looking for event accessories and equipment for hire in Kenya? We are the leading suppliers of event rental supplies in Kenya and we are known to provide top notch services to individuals and event firms when it comes to event setting up and provision of state of the art event equipment and accessories.

Below are some of the event services and equipment we provide for hire in Kenya.

  • Performance Stage and Podium for Hire
  • LED Screens for Hire
  • Line Ray Speakers and Full Sound Systems for Hire
  • Truss and Lights (Par Cans, Moving Heads and Flood Lights) for Hire
We also provide tents for hire and all services comes with a professional setup team that will ensure all your event accessories and equipment are in place as per the plan and stick around in case of any changes and emergencies.

Contact Us

We are located at Donholm Unique Court based on Donhom Savannah Rd Nairobi Kenya.

Call us on +254740694774 or Email Us on for quick assistance.

You can also click the button below to visit our “One Click Contact” Page