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6 weeks voice Over Training Course in Kenya

Learn professional Voice Over By Enrolling With The Leading African Voice Over Agency and Join The World of Professional Voice Actors as a top notch voice over Brand.

The Professional Voice Over Training Course Covers;

  • Business 101 (How to Build, Develop & Position your Brand)
  • Major Types of Voice Overs (Most Sought After By Clients)
  • Voice Over Production Course
  • Vocal Management and Voice Coaching
  • Voice Over Script Writing
  • Professional Recording (Upto 10* Professional Samples)
  • Voice Over Social Sites Opening and Voice Samples upload.
  • Certification
Elite Focus Arts and Training Institute | Learn Professional Voice Over Courses | Music Production Courses | Deejay Academy in Kenya

Recording Course

Recording 5 Samples only

  • 5 Samples Max. Different Categories
  • Production Fees Included Discounted*
  • Bed Music Royalty Free Only
  • Payment Plan Paid Once

Full Course

Kshs25000/-/6 Weeks Limited Offer*
  • Business 101 (How to Build & Position Your Brand)
  • Major Types of Voice Overs and Execution Methods.
  • Vocal Management and Voice Coaching Services
  • Learn Voice Over Production, Mixing & Mastering
  • Professional Voice Over Script Writing
  • Record up to 10" Voice Over Samples
  • Professional Voice Over Social Sites Opening
  • Certification
  • Flexible Payment Plan

Production Only

Voice Over Producer Course

  • Voice Over Production Learn How to Record
  • Mixing and Mastering Learn Professional Mixing
  • Bed Music Incorporation Make instrumentals and add them on the recorded voice samples
  • Payment Plan Monthly/ Once

Become a Professional Voice Over Artist

Looking to Enrol in an institution where you can Become a Professional Voice Over Artist in Kenya? You are at the right place. At Elite Focus Entertainment we not only provide professional voice over recording services to our esteemed clients but also provide voice over training services for new voice actors and young voice talents who wish to pursue the course.

We at Audio Elite Focus, not only prepare you to become a professional voice actor but also prepare you on the “Business Aspect” on matters such as how to quote, how to build and position your brand as a professional voice actor. The course also touches the glossary and the technicalities one encounters during the negotiation, production and post-production phase and how to go about them.

Call us on +254740694774 or email us on for quotes. Click the button below to contact us!!

Learn Voice Acting in Kenya

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Beating the already existing voice actors in the voice over industry requires more than just passion for what you do. It requires consistency and updating your profile every time in order to gain visibility and grow your portfolio. 

Its therefore advisable for voice actor to consistently train on the art of performance and do more research on existing and new hot spots to feature and how to win those spots.

Learn Script Writing In Kenya

Many Corporates and individuals are looking for professional script writers not only in Kenya but in the world and it is advisable for each and every voice actor to learn on how to compose professional voice over scripts for them to add more value onto their voice acting careers. 

Coming up with ideal scripts require a lot of flexibility in between choosing the correct words and word play for it to sound as interesting and simple as possible.

Are you in Kenya and you’re looking on how you can add more skills to what you already have as a voice actor? pick a plan above then contact us on +254740694774 or Email us on

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Professional Script Writing Services in Kenya

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Contact us for professional Script Writing Services for Film, Short Stories, Documentaries and All types of Voice Overs. Call us on +254740694774 or Email us on

Voice Coaching Services in Kenya

We also provide professional voice coaching services for singers and voice over artists on how to hit the right notes or give the right tone to whatever is being recorded.

We do have professional voice coaches with accumulated years of experience in voice coaching and who will make sure you get the best results as far as your voice talent or singing career is concerned.

We also give aid to the newbies struggling with their voice and assist them in achieving the best results during recording.


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learn Professional Voice Over Production

Learn Professional Voice Over Production Audio Mixing and Mastering in Kenya by enrolling for the producer course and learn how to produce top-notch and state of the art vocals that clients shall find irresistibly relevant and that shall keep your head ahead of the competition.

Professional voice over production is something that if well learnt one can harness and accumulate much in earnings and growing rapport.

Call us on +254740694774 or Email us on

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Enrol for the Voice Over Training Course In Kenya and Select the Discounted "Full Course Package" Harness Your potential and Get Maximum Value!!

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