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Africa's Leading Voice Over Agency

 the leading voice over agency in Africa based in Nairobi, Kenya, 

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For Professional Voice Over recording and Voice Actors Services

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Our Voice Over Agency and Voice Actors Services

At Audio Elite Focus, we provide comprehensive voice over services ranging from; 

  • Voice Over Scripting
  • Voice Actors Auditioning and Casting Services
  • Voice Over Recording Services
  • Voice Directing Services
  • Creative Voice Directing
  • Sound Engineer Services

We provide multi-lingual voice over actors services for the most sought after African and Western languages. 
Some of the languages we provide voice actors services include;

  • Swahili
  • Ethiopian Amharic
  • South African Zulu
  • Ethiopian Tigrinya
  • Kenyan English Voice Actors and Voice Over Services
  • Tanzanian Swahili
  • Tiwi from Ghana
  • Nigerian Igbo
  • Luo
  • Kikuyu
  • Kamba language
  • Luhyia
  • Rwandan
  • African French
  • Mozambique Portuguese
Are you in search of professional male and female African voice actors who will execute your project with the intended precision?
Send us your request on or call, text or whatsapp us on +254740694774 or for one click on our contact page, kindly click “Contact Us”

Listen to Our Professional Samples for Male and Female Voice Actors

Below are the types of voice overs we record and provide voice actors services for;

  • Commercial Voice Over
  • Real estate & Corporate Voice Overs
  • Web and Vlogs Voice Over Services
  • phone On hold Voice Over Services
  • Doodle Videos Voice Covers
  • Animation Voice Overs
  • Documentaries
  • Infomercials 
  • Source Connect 
  • Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP)  and ISDN
  •  Announcements IVR
  • Recitals/ Recitations Voice Services
  • Narration Voice Over Services
  • Dialogue Voice Over Recording
Are you in search of a professional voice over agency in Africa that you’d want to contract on your next big voice over project? Reach us out on or call, text or WhatsApp us on +254740694774 alternatively, click the link below to contact us.

Kids Voice Over Artists Services

At Elite Focus Entertainment Africa, we provide kids voice over services for children from the age of 5 for projects that features kids voice over talents. Our kids are are sharp when it comes to script execution and they execute the voice over scripts with utmost precision giving it life and with the intended attitude.

Are you looking for African kids voice over talents in Kenya? Call us on +2547402453046 or Email us on

Listen To Kids Voice Actors Samples

Our Growth track Milestones & Partners.

We have featured and partnered with some of the major voice over agencies and companies in Kenya, East Africa, Pan African Region and Globally.

We have done projects for companies including “Unilever UKBaileys UK, Copia Kenya, Bayes Loan App Kenya, Workable office Spaces Kenya, and we have partnered with agencies like Tectonic Video US, Buchanan Group South Africa, Sawatech South Africa, Neon Sound Singapore, 750MPH holland and many others in successful voice over projects.

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