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Professional Music Back Up Artist Services In Kenya.

Are looking For Professional Music Back Up Artist Services For Your Next Big Project?

Call us on +254740694774 or Email us on for professional music back up artist services in Kenya.

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Recording Back Up Artist

Professional Recording Back up Artist | Recording Studio Near Me | Audio Recording Studio in Kenya

We do provide professional recording back up artists services for all genres of music. If you’re working on your new project and you’re in need of professional back up artists to assist in backing vocals, chants and harmonies, let our team of professional back-up artists come through and assist you bring life to your songs and creations.

Our professional back up artists have accumulated years of experience and can comfortably back different genres of music ranging from afro-pop, reggae, rnb, pop songs, hip hop e.t.c.

If you’re looking for professional back up artist in Kenya, do not hesitate to contact us via +254 740 694 774 or Email us on You can also chat with us for free via the chatbox on the right or contact us by clicking the button below to speak to one of our available attendants.

Performance Back Up Singers in Kenya

Performance Back up Singers for hire in Kenya

Are you you having an upcoming show and you’re in need of professional performance back up singers in Kenya? At Elite Focus, we provide you with flexible and up to the task professional performance back up singers for your upcoming concerts and shows.

The backing artists have mastered the art of grasping the performance scripts, dance moves and the singing patterns with precision and they are always open to new challenges and tasks

If you’re looking for professional performance back up artists in Kenya, call us on +254 740 694 774 or email us on for quotes and queries on  performance back up artist in Kenya.

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