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Phone On Hold & Skiza For Business Services in Kenya

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Skiza For Business Services in Kenya.

Skiza for business | Phone On hold IVR & Skiza for Business | Phone Auto Attendant Services in Kenya

What is Skiza?

Skiza is a call back tune service that was began by Safaricom and Just like M-Pesa it’s a virtual convenient phone service that was began initially with the phone network operator for their clients to add songs and other forms of entertainment they love as call is awaiting to be picked on the other end.

Skiza for Business, is therefore phone on hold service for business where a company calls in professionals to assist them on either;

  • Phone On-hold Script Writing
  • Phone On Hold Voice Over Talent Outsourcing
  • On hold Voice Over Production
  • Skiza for Business Registration and Hosting Services
Good news is that at Audio Elite Focus we provide not only professional voice over artists services and phone on hold voice over services for Skiza but also assist companies, individuals and SMEs to register and host their skiza for business.

Call us on +254740694774 or Email us on for quick assistance on phone on hold IVR & skiza for business services in Kenya. Click the button below to speak to one of our available attendants.

Why is Phone On hold IVR important?

Phone On hold IVR in Kenya | Skiza For Business | Contact Our 24 hour Client Support

Phone on hold IVR is Important for SMEs and Companies because of so many reasons. Below are some of the reasons why a company should have skiza for business or rather a custom corporate phone on-hold.

  • Phone On-hold IVR Defines the Business,
  • It Acts as An Advertisement for Services unknown to Clients,
  • It Acts as a Self Service Portal for Clients, 
  • The Phone On hold Auto Attendant Gives directions and other important Contact Information,
  • Helps Companies that deals with Large Traffic of Clients to Ease the Flow on their Premise on Enquiries.
  • Assists companies assistants to not repeat over and over again on the services they offer unless the clients fail to get the info clearly.
So where can one get professional corporate phone on-hold voice over and Skiza for Business services? 
At Audio Elite Focus located at Elite focus Entertainment Africa, we provide professional corporate on hold voice over services and Skiza hosting and registration services in Kenya. Call us on +254740694774 or Email us on for quick assistance or hit us up via the chat box.

On hold Phone Auto Attendant Voice Over Artists In Kenya

Are you in search of professional on hold phone auto attendant voice over artists in Kenya, then worry no more. At Audio Elite Focus, We are the leading African Voice Over Agency that not only focus on getting the job done but also ensures we have the best voice over artists by offering a professional 6 weeks voice over course.

We have some of the best on hold phone auto attendant in the global voice over spectrum and we are still nurturing and growing more talents in the voice over field.

We provide on hold phone auto-attendant and skiza for business services in the following languages.

Swahili, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Amharic, Tigrinya, Tiwi, Zulu, Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa, Luo, Kikuyu, Somali, Borana, Kamba amongst many other languages.

Call us on +254740694774 or Email Us on info@elite focus for on hold phone auto attendant voice over artist services in Kenya.

Phone On Hold IVR & Skiza for Business.

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Conclusion: It’s therefore important to have phone on hold IVR & Skiza for business since it’s one major element of sales conversion. It also works for you while you are engaged and at night it keeps clients going while you’re asleep.

If well optimized you’ll only need to focus on your product and that is the reason telecom companies despite having millions of customers, they have no ques at their headquarters and they are focused on improving their product and service everyday.


How Can you Get A Custom Skiza for Your Business?

Phone On hold skiza for business

If you’re looking on having freedom while at work to think and innovate new products and improve the existing ones, automate your systems by incorporating skiza for business or a unique phone on hold IVR service to your phones.

Good thing we can assist you with that!!

Email us on or call us on +254740694774 for quotes and queries.


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