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Professional Video Production Courses & Filming Production Studies In Kenya.

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The Filming Course Covers in Detail;

  • Introduction To Filming,
  • Business 101 & Career Opportunities,
  • Scripting, Storyboard & Continuity,
  • Location Scouting/ Weather & Time Mapping /& Setup Design,
  • Film Lighting,
  • Camera work,
  • Equipment/ Filming Gear/ Lenses/ Perspective & Focus Angles,
  • Steadicam & Gimbal Operation,
  • Professional Filming Unit & Crew,
  • Editing, Timeline Sequencing, Color Correction  & Color Grading,
  • Sound Track,
  • Titling & Motion Graphics,
  •  & Drone Operation & Aerial Surveillance Filming,
  • Industrial Attachment & Certification.
Elite Focus Films Logo | Are you looking for a place to learn professional video production courses in Kenya? Call us via +254740694774 or Email us via The Filming Course Covers; Introduction To Filming. Business 101 & Career Opportunities Scripting & Storyboard. Location Scouting & Setup Design, Camera work. Professional Filming Unit & Crew. Editing, Timeline Sequencing, Color Correction & Color Grading. Motion Graphics, Titling & Motion Graphics.

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Full Course

KES125K/Full Year
  • Introduction To Filming
  • Business 101 & Career Opportunities
  • Scripting, Storyboard & Continuity
  • Time Mapping & Weather Mapping
  • Location Scouting & Setup Design
  • Professional Film Lighting
  • Professional Camera Work
  • Steadicam and Gimbal Operation
  • Professional Filming Unit & Crew
  • Best Software | Da Vinci Resolve | Premiere Pro & Sony Vegas
  • Editing, Sequencing, Color Correction & Color Grading
  • Best Render Settings & Finalizing a Video
  • Introduction to Drone Operation
  • Industrial Attachment & Certification

Video Production Courses In Kenya.

Are you looking forward to learning professional video production courses in Kenya? Call, text and/ or WhatsApp us via +254 740 694 774, or Email us via

Learn professional Video Editing in Kenya, In Depth Professional Camera Operation and Drone Operation amongst many other skills.

Learn in depth color correction & color grading and the ability to incorporate skillful camera works in to cinematic motion graphics.

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Film Production Studies In Kenya.

Professional film comes to life when there’s flow from the scripting, Storyboard, creative directing, having proper filming equipment on set (having the right tool for the job), and there after on post production. 

At Elite Focus Film School, we equip you to have the best when it comes to educating you in professional filming and having the right skill set and equipment to achieve the best in attaining your filming needs for content creation, corporate filming, journalism, music filming and movie filming.

Learn professional video production in Kenya in the following fields;

  • Film Pre Production
  • Film Setup Design
  • Video Directing
  • Professional Video Shooting & Skilled Aerial Video Coverage 
  • Film Script Writing, Storyboard and Continuity
  • New & old Software Usage
  • Film & Music Re-Mastering
  • Skilled Camera operation,
  • Steadicam & Gimbal operation
  • Professional Video Editing
  • Transitions & Video FX
  • Color correcting, Color Grading & Best Render Settings
Call, text or WhatsApp us via +254740694774 or Email us via to enroll for film/ video production classes in Kenya and learn with the best film makers.
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Best Video Production College In Kenya.

Are you passionate about film making and are looking for the best video production college in Kenya with self driven and passionate  filming tutors who’ll stop at nothing in making sure you attain the best skillset in camera operation, directing, gimbal operation and film post production skills.

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Learn Professional Filming in Kenya

Learn Drone Piloting in Kenya.

Are you looking to learn professional drone piloting in Kenya? At Elite Focus Film School we provide you with professional drone piloting skills including high risk drone operation.

Come learn professional drone piloting with us at Elite Focus Films call us via +254740694774 or Email us via or visit our institution in Nairobi at Elite Focus Entertainment Group.

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Learn professional Steadicam Operation and Gimbal operation in Kenya.

Are you looking for professional Steadicam operation in Kenya? At Elite Focus Films we provide professional steadicam operation in Kenya.

Learn professional ronin, steadicam and gimbal operation in Kenya. Learn from & with the best film production team  in Kenya.

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