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Music Production Courses in Kenya

Are You Looking to Learn Professional Music Production Courses in Kenya?

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Become a Professional Producer In Kenya

Are you a looking for a professional instute which can assist you to become a professional producer in Kenya? At Elite Focus Arts and Training Institute located at Elite Focus Entertainment, we provide professional Music Production Classes for those looking to learn;

  • Beat and Instrumental Composition,
  • Professional Vocal Recording,
  • Real Instrument and Percussion Incorporation,
  • Virtual Instrument Incorporation
  • Guitar and Piano Lessons
  • Vocal and Beat Mapping
Among many other courses.
At Elite Focus we major in making the best out of our students and bringing the best talents to the limelight.

Get The Best Sound Engineering Skills In Kenya.

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Why You Should Consider Becoming A Music Producer in Kenya.

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Unlike other fields in the music industry, music production despite having many technicalities is one of the most satisfying department in the creative industry.

 A music producer requires multiple skills including;

  • Sound Engineering.
  • Beat Mapping and Instrumental Making Skills.
  • Song Writing and Composing Skills.
  • Song Mixing and Mastering Skills.
  • Provision of Guidance to Singers.
  • Live Instruments Incorporation
The good thing is that with this skills one is always one step closer to becoming the biggest producer brand in the music scene and even more great news is that one can learn this skills.

Music Production Made Easier.

Elite Focus School of Music Production | Learn Music Production In Kenya | | Music Back up artist services in Kenya

Like any other major and well paying career pursuits not only in Kenya but also globally, music production has been found to be one of the most satisfying careers since one not only get to earn a fortune out of it if they’re in their A-game, but also most of those in the pursuit of the music production practice have been found to have ventured primarily because they love it as their passion which makes it a double win.

One should therefore consider learning music production in an environment that brings the best out of them and with a team that guarantees them full-time support not only when they’re in the institution but also when they’re out of the institution

At Elite Focus School of Art. We simplify the journey for you not only in music production but also in filming, deejay and voice over practice.


Learn Music Instruments in Kenya |" Piano Classes in Kenya

Learn Professional Live Music Instruments.

Every producer & Sound Engineer’s dream is to learn how to incorporate live instruments into the virtual space.

Combining live instruments and virtual plugins brings out a hybrid lethal combination of good sound when the tools are properly fused in music production.

Below are some of the live instruments you can learn at our institution.

  • Professional Piano Lessons
  • Professional Guitar Courses
  • Live Drums & Percussions infusion
  • Violin and Saxophone Courses in Kenya
Call us on +254740694774 or Email us on or chat with one of our available assistants on the chat box.
Learn Guitar in Kenya | Learn Musical Instruments in Kenya
Song Mixing and Mastering Services in Kenya | Learn Song Mixing and Mastering

Learn Professional Song Mixing and Mastering in Kenya.

Professional Song Mixing and Mastering requires a great deal of skillset mastered to perfection and a great combination of good hearing and vocal mapping on beat sequence.

Song Mixing: is defined as the art of balancing all percussions, instruments and vocals to precision in order to have a perfect song mix so as to go to the next phase which is Song Mastering,

Song Mastering: On the other hand is defined as the final phase to which music goes before it becomes a Master. In this phase, the song is boosted and added oomph and both the vocal and the instrumentals are made sure they’re on the right frequencies and boosted to a universally acceptable format and sound.

The skill requires one to have a great balanced hearing in order to achieve a stereo enhanced audio output.

At Elite Focus we provide professional sound engineering courses where one get to learn to mix and master audio professionally including live and virtual instruments infusion.

Call us on +254740694774 or Email us on to enrol for audio mixing and mastering courses. Click the button below to Contact Us!! or chat with one of our attendants on the chat box.

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