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Record & Shoot a Music Video In Africa

Are you looking to shoot a professional music video in Africa? At Elite Focus we provide you with a team of professional production crew for all your music video needs.  Call, Text or WhatsApp us on +254 740 694 774 or Email us on

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Shoot a Music Video In Africa!!

Shooting music video in Africa just got simplified. At Elite Focus Films, we’ll assist you with all you need to shoot a music video in Africa.

We provide filming services in Africa ranging from;

  • Professional Venue Scouting Services.
  • Hotel Bookings & Reservation Services in Africa.
  • Film Script Writing Services.
  • Music Video Vixen & Film Model Services.
  • Top Notch Film & Photography Cameras.
  • Professional Video Lighting Equipment.
  • Storyboard Build-up.
  • Professional Film Sites and Sounds Services.
  • Professional Directing Crew and Directing Assistant Services.
  • Music Video Production Assistants in Africa.
  • Video Make up, Costumes and Apparel services.
  • Setup Design, Background and Backdrop Services.
  • On Set Filming Cars and Chauffer Services.
Our team of well coordinated professionals have accumulated years of  experience in  professional filming and photography and will go extra mile in ensuring you get a state of the art service in each respective field with regards to shooting your music video in Africa.
Call, Text or WhatsApp us on +254 740 694 774 or Email us on for more insight or Request for Quotes.
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Record Music in Africa

Are you looking to record music in Africa? To us at Elite Focus Entertainment, It’s always a great honor to work on an entirely new music project, assist on a stuck music project and redo music projects that were not done well previously. 

At Audio Elite Focus we believe that hit songs are made from the beginning and that is from the composing stage. We have invested in a great team with diverse skillset, style and accumulated years in professional music production and whose minds work like magic in ensuring that your music project comes out at it’s best.

Call/ Text/ WhatsApp us on +254 740 694 774 or Email us on for more insight or bookings if you want to record music in Africa.

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What does it take to produce a film in Africa? First, The work that goes to filming is like joining a lego where by each small work done or thought of makes much more sense in the final piece. 

That’s why, at elite focus we believe so much more in team work from the imaginative phase, cognitive phase all through to the actualization of the final film piece. 

We believe that for the audience to perceive the video in “Awe” our thoughts, work process and delivery as a team must be triggered with awesomely great ideas in order to achieve a state of the art film and a balanced scene selection and unfolding of events.

By saying so we believe working with the client as a part of the team brings us even more satisfaction in giving birth to their ideas and t crown it all a blissful perception of the audience with great reviews are what we have dedicated a better chunk of our lifetime as the creative industry.

 Are you  looking forward to produce your next film in Africa? Call, Text or WhatsApp us on +254 740 694 774 or Email us on for quotes, queries and more insight.

Documentary Video Shooting in Africa

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Planning on doing a documentary video shooting in Africa? Again, our team will help you achieve your greatest dream in Africa by assisting you on reaching the places you want to reach or with the tools and equipment you want to use or as part of the crew on your documenting expedition.

For a documentary filming success, one requires to have a sober team and all documenting gears, cameras and operating tools to be on point so as not to miss any moment since most of the moments are once in a lifetime encounter with reality.

Prior planning and journey mapping is important and having a team on the ground that are familiar with routes and linguistics especially from the grassroot level, will assist you as the director in gaining a lot of ground and covering much swiftly and efficiently.

For professional video shooting in Africa, call us on +254 740 694 774 or Email us on for more insight, quotation or queries.

Best Filming Company in Africa

Elite Focus Films is the leading filming production and photography company in Africa, Located in the heart of Nairobi, Kenya. Fill the form on the next slide for more insight, queries or to request for a quote (RFQ) 

You can also chat with us on the right section of your screen.

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