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5 Best Music Recording Studios and Producers In Nairobi Kenya

5 Best Music recording Studios and Producers in Kenya | Studio For Hire Near Me

Whether you are looking for the best music recording studio in Kenya or The Best Audio Producers in Kenya, We have narrowed down a go-to list for you to pick and contact them by yourself. There is absolutely no music hit in Kenya that hasn’t pass through the hands of the producers below.

1. Audio Elite Focus

Audio Elite Focus Recording Studio in Nairobi

Audio Elite Focus, located in Nairobi, Kenya is one of the leading best recording studios in Kenya known for it’s customer relation and quality production. The team work and workflow is what set them apart since they assist upcoming and mainstream artists with the production of audio & video, branding of content & artists, distribution of content on up to 37 regional and worldwide platforms and with the connections they have they organize for media tours, interviews and shows on major televisions and radio stations. Audio Elite Focus is the best since they have invested in production equipment, studio space and team aside from that the affordability factor and professionalism that gives them a hedge in all the packages they offer. The team are versatile and can comfortably produce nearly all the categories/genres of music listened to and sang in Kenya from Benga, Hip-hop, Kapuka, Drill, RnB, Afropop, Dancehall Music/ Ragga Reggae, Genge Music, Gospel & all the other contemporary music including choirs. If you also need backing singers and instrumentalists like guitarists, Saxophonists and violin instrumentalists to incorporate their art in your music at Audio Elite Focus you’ll be in the right place with the right team.

Looking forward to working with them on your next big gig?

Contact +254740694774


Contact them via their contact page here

2. Red Republik

Red Republic Studio Kenya | 5 Best Music Recording Studios in Kenya
Red Republik Studios Nairobi Kenya

Red Republic Studios is one of the best recording studios in Nairobi. With the Sound Engineer and producer Majic Mike, he has been known to lift and hold up the brand name to where it is as at now. Featuring among the Groove Awards Nominees he is known to have taken home numerous awards.

Contacts: 0722 571092

3.Vicky Pon Dis

Vicky Pon Dis | Simba Sound productions | Best Music Recording Studio In Kenya
Vicky pon Dis | Simba Sound Recording Stusio Logo

Vicky Pon Dis is hands down the best Music Producer in Kenya and he is known to have been behind so many hits and has held a reputable brand “Simba Sound Records” on his recording label, many producers like “Magix Enga” who recently launched his own brand “Magix Empire” have passed through his record label and has maintained his reputation and growth in the ever noisy Kenyan music industry.

Simba Sound Records is Located Near Mirema Springs

4. Magix Enga

Magix Enga | Magix Empire| Best Producer in Kenya | Magix Enga Logo
Magix Enga | Magix Empire Logo

Magix Enga is indeed one of the reputable brands in Kenya and the most controversial producers in Kenya. Earlier in his peak he announced he’ll be charging at least Kshs 40,000/- per recording. A decision that brought uproar in the industry because many of the low earning artists in Kenya felt it was outrageous.

He is also known to have brought and worked with many upcoming artists like Alvindo, Boondocks Gang amongst many others.

He’s one of the most daring producers he recently took down 2 major songs down belonging to Harmonize from Tanzania just when he moved out of Wasafi records and Tekashi69’s release when he was just fresh out of jail.

5. Motif Di Don

Motif Di Don | Best Producer in Kenya

Motif Di Don is also one of the major self made brands when it comes music producers in Kenya. He is known to be behind some of the biggest hits that brought Khaligraph Jones into the lime light like “Em Besha” Motif Has worked his way up the ladder and is still keeping the reputation fresh.

Bonus: Hamadoo On The Beat

Hamadoo on the beats logo | Hamadoo Recording Studio and Producer in Kenya | Hamadoo on The Beats and Instrumentals Its Hot Beats
Hamadoo on the beats | Best Producer in Kenya

Hamadoo on the beat is one of the most promising music producer in Nairobi, Kenya. Recently he has worked with major brands like Nyashinski, Sanaipei, Ssaru, Ethic, Band Becca, Naiboi, Arrow Boy, Kristoff and many others.

Hamadoo is known for a humble personality and a quick work flow. He is one of the most promising music producers in Kenya that you’d love to work with this year.

Contacts: +254701453046

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