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Artist Management in Kenya

Artist Management Services in Kenya | Music Distribution in Kenya | Music Sponsorship | Artist Signing in East Africa | Music Marketing in Kenya

Artist Management in Kenya

Artist Management Services in Kenya | Music Distribution in Kenya | Music Sponsorship | Artist Signing in East Africa | Music Marketing in Kenya
Don Khalifa and Timmy TDat at the #PaceYaTdat Launch

1. What is Artist Management?

Artist Management is an agreement between an artist and a manager or a management company to come together and bring ease of work flow and deals to the artist brand as an entity. One may simply ask themselves this simple question, “When does a company need a manager?” and the answer will be as soon as they are ready to expand and grow.

In the same manner musicians in Kenya who have made it far like Sauti Sol, Willy Paul, Khaligraph Jones and Diamond Platnumz from Tanzania, made it because of the team of management behind them.

2. What is the difference between Artist Management, Musician Sponsorship Deals and Record Label Signing?

Artist management is where an artist gets a manager on payroll while musician sponsorship deals is where musicians get sponsorships from either well wishers, family or firms with a light agreement for a short period of time. Record Label Signing on the other hand is whereby one gets into a long-term contract with a firm in order to advance their musical career though it’s usually summed up with multiple restrictions.

3. What is The Ideal Pay cut for a Musician Manager or an Artist Management Firm?

The ideal payment for the artist management team is usually 20% or more on all entities including performances and royalties on funds over Kshs 100K though the team should come into a cordial agreement on the terms of payments favouring both parties.

4. When Does One Require a Manager?

One requires a manager or a management team as soon as they see their potential to make much from their product and that is their music.

How does Music Management Help a Musician?

The reason people employ music management teams is so as for them to be able to concentrate on their musical careers as the management team concentrates on quality control and bookings.

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Music Sponsorship in Kenya

Music Sponsorship in Kenya | Music Road shows | Artists for Hire Services in Kenya
Don Khalifa and Kenrazy Performing Roadshows in Kenya

1. What is Music Sponsorship?

Music sponsorship as we said earlier unlike artist management or signing, this is where a musician comes into a short term agreement with an individual or a company for a sponsorship deal where an artist is supposed to present a verbal or a written proposal to the entity with which they are to enter into an agreement with.

2. Types of Music Sponsorships

  • Well-wishers Sponsorship – This a sponsorship where a well wisher might present themselves to sponsor an individual who has talent by supporting them with music production expenses and normally has no-strings attached or confining contracts attached to them.
  • Corporate Music Sponsorships – This is where an organization present themselves to cater for an individual’s music production expenses and in turn the individual has to feature their product on their song like the deal Willy Paul got with Betin on the song “Fanya
  • Proposed Sponsorships – This are sponsorships which individuals pitch/ propose to companies or individuals in order to get funding for their project with a guaranteed success of delivery on whatever they promise to achieve at the end of the sponsorship deal.

3. How Can One Get Music Sponsorships?

For you to be able to get music sponsorship deal you must be talented and you need to know how to pitch your deals. Another thing is you must be relevant in all of your projects and you also must know how to package yourself in a way that people will understand and relate with you.

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Record Label Signing in East Africa

Harmonize and Diamond Musician Artist Signing in East Africa | Wasafi Record Label | Record Label Signing in East Africa
Diamond Platnumz and Harmonize at the BET Experience

What is Record label Signing?

Many small studios in East Africa have tried to graduate from commercial recording and into a functional record label but many have failed due to the strategies in place and lack of sufficient funds. In East Africa the only record label that has successfully come close to emulating what major labels in the world like Def Jam, Interscope or West African Labels like Mavin Records have been able to achieve is Wasafi Records.

What then is record label signing? Record label signing is where you get in to a long term contract agreement with a recording label for them to to assist you overall in management of your artistic work in return they get returns from the earnings they get from your creative works and performances.

When Does A Record Label Become Ready To Sign Artists?

Many record labels signing in East Africa have failed simply because they thought they were ready while in real sense they needed more in terms of strategic planning and doing test runs in order to distinguish whether they are ready to begin signing as a record label.

It is therefore ideal for a record label to begin signing as soon as they have all contracts in place prepared by a professional lawyer who understands the intellectual property law and refine all contents and clauses bound in the contracts so as for the record label not to suffer loss when it comes to dissolution of contracts.

Artists are also advised to be cautious and have an overview of the entire contract and if possible request assistance from a legal entity or a lawyer to help them familiarized with all clauses and contents in order to go forward with the signing.

It’s therefore advisable to know that there are two sides to everything and as far as Rich Mavoko and Harmonize paid a huge price to leave the label Wasafi, Mbosso, Lava Lava and Ray Vanny continue to remain on the label and do well.

What are the cons to Being Signed on a Record Label

The decision still lies with you but my two cents advise is work hard on yourself the price you people pay on signing deals is quite notch higher

One is under surveillance and can not independently work with anyone or team especially if your label is subjected to rivalry with other labels or production houses.

The percentages are quite higher on pay cuts as they tend to recover all their investments on you and you won’t be paid directly on shows or performances for it is illegal especially on the contents they have worked on with you since they usually have licenses and higher rights.

Music Distribution Services in Kenya

Music Distribution in Kenya | Boomplay Music Services in Kenya
Don Khalifa | Boomplay Music Kenya | Music Distribution Services in Kenya

What is Music Distribution?

Music Distribution is the act of distributing digital music on devices like CDs, or on online digital platforms. At Elite Focus Entertainment we provide music distribution services for digital content on over 36 platforms worldwide and regionally. Regionally we distribute on platforms like Boomplay, Skiza, Ngomma, Songa with Safaricom App, Vskit, and Bonyeza Ringtone Services

We also provide worldwide distribution services on over 30 major platforms including iTunes, Amazon, Google Play Music, Tidal, Saavn, Anghami, Melon Music and many others

How Does it Work?

We provide artwork branding services and photography services for artists and assist the artist with following up on all pending royalties and providing timely responses.

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YouTube Music Marketing Services Company in Kenya.

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