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Book A Recording Studio In Nairobi Kenya

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Many talented artists in Kenya are looking for an ideal recording studio to record their songs. Call us on +254 740 694 774 or Email us on to book a recording session in Nairobi, Kenya.

Book Studio Session In Nairobi, Kenya.

Book a Recording Studio In Kenya | Professional Voice Over Recording Studio In Kenya | Voice Over Services | Recording Services | Recording Studio

Are you looking to rent or book a recording studio in Nairobi Kenya for your upcoming or ongoing music or voice over project? Call us on +254 740 694 774 or Email us on or Click here to contact one of our available attendants

At Audio Elite Focus, we provide you with not only a good facility to record your desired music or voice over project but we also have an outstanding professional team that will make sure your projects are of state of the art, quality wise and provide you with timely consultations and feedback where necessary to assist you with your ongoing project with regards composition, recording, production, mixing & mastering, distribution, marketing and promotion in order to have a hedge in whatever project the team embarks on.

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About Audio Elite Focus

Rent a recording Studio Session In Kenya | Book A Recording Studio Session In Kenya | Audio Elite Focus Logo | Best Recording Studio in Kenya | Voice Over Recording Studio in Kenya | music Production Recording Studio Kenya | Elite Focus Entertainment Africa

Audio Elite Focus is the leading recording studio that was found by like minded individuals under the umbrella body “Elite Focus Entertainment Group” with it’s roots in Nairobi and other main partners in Miami, Florida with partnerships all across the globe from UK, Switzerland, Iceland, Singapore and South Africa.

book a recording studio session in Kenya | Members of Audio Elite Focus Miami
Members of Audio Elite Focus Miami F, Terryl and Mathias

Top Music Recording producers In Kenya

Top Music Producers in Kenya |Audio Elite Focus Recording Studio | Best Recording Studio in Nairobi | Voice Over Recording Services in kenya | Voice Over Agency in Kenya
Top Music Producers in Kenya

At Elite Focus, You’ll get to interact with some of the best producers in Kenya who have accumulated years of experience in Music Production and have also mastered the art of sound engineering and wouldn’t mind offering comprehensive assistance to you without withholding any vital process or information because they know when you win they inevitably win.

Music requires teamwork, patience and undeterred desire for quality and excellence because with this culture, Audio Elite Focus has seen itself growing from a backyard studio to having a reach whereby we have been able to work on major projects from Western Union Ads, BBC Planet Defenders 2021, UNICEF African Migration 2021 and UNDP Climate Change amongst many other projects like “JIK Corona Ad” by P&G and Medifacts.

Rent A Recording Studio In Kenya

So are you a sound engineer or a music producer in Kenya looking to rent a recording studio in Kenya and do not know where to start, call us on +254 740 694 774 or Email us on you can also use the chatbox on the right or Click Here to Contact one of our Available Attendants.

At Elite Focus, once your audio project is done and and you’re in need of Video Production, Elite Focus Filming Team shall assist you with Music and Corporate Filming Services since they too have been in the Filming business for a while now and the team has been surrounded by creatives who brings to life music filming ideas and concepts.

Why Choose US?

So why would you consider working with and at Audio Elite Focus;

  1. Team – Audio Elite Focus has this unique team that are always patient with you and your project ensuring you get the best out of every project we team up in bringing to life.
  2. Culture – We have experimented for so many years in what ways to get the best out of the team and the clients and we did realize that when we invest more not only in infrastructure but also in time skill, and effort while working on the ongoing projects, they tend to bring more satisfaction and returns to not only the client but also the team.
  3. After Production Services – At Audio Elite Focus, we also provide the clients with links to platforms and contacts that will give them great returns and hedge regionally and globally. For voice overs, we also have ongoing courses for voice over artists because the educational factor which trains the actor on the business aspects contributes a lot to the voice actor’s growth.
  4. Industry Contacts – We also provide you with contacts in the industry and niche you choose to embark on for instance for music artists we’ll provide contacts for major music industry stakeholders, deejays, presenters and radio station producers who’ll ensure one gets interviews and assist with content marketing and promo.

Contact us on +254 740 694 774 or Email us on to book your session with us today. You can also use the chatbox on the right side or click here to contact one of our available assistants.

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