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Affordable Courses To Pursue In Kenya In 2023 That Are Best & Marketable

Entertainment Courses To Pursue in Kenya | Affordable Courses to Pursue in Kenya | Courses with Job opportunities | Courses with Job Opportunities

Best Entertainment & Arts Courses To Pursue In Kenya in 2023

Are you looking to enroll for professional courses to pursue in Kenya that are best and affordable in the lines of arts and entertainment with high job opportunities?

Which potential affordable courses can one pursue in Kenya that are marketable with high job opportunities?

Below are potential 10 marketable courses you can pursue in Kenya on demand with high job opportunities in the lines of arts and entertainment.

  1. Music Production Courses
  2. Voice Over Courses In Kenya
  3. Photography & Filming Courses in Kenya
  4. Coding & IT Courses
  5. 3D & Animation Courses
  6. Event Planning Courses in Kenya
  7. Deejay and Emcee Courses
  8. Graphic Designing Courses In Kenya
  9. Sales & Marketing Courses In Kenya
  10. Aerial Survey & Drone Courses In Kenya

Below we’re giving you a breakdown of each course, showing you the potential of each and why they are marketable thereafter assist you in the process of how & where to enroll for each course in case you’re interested.

Professional Audio Mixing & Mastering Services in Kenya. | Song Mixing Services in Kenya Music Production Courses In Kenya | Sound engineering Courses in Kenya | Music Mixing and Mastering Services in Kenya | Courses to Pursue In Kenya
Music Production Courses In Kenya | Courses To Pursue In Kenya

1. Music Production Courses In Kenya | Courses To Pursue In Kenya

Music production course is one of the potential creative courses to pursue in Kenya, that is marketable and with lots of job opportunities in the fields of entertainment and arts in Kenya and globally. Over the years the number of musicians has been increasing in Kenya and you can tell because each and every household there must be one or two passionate about music.
That being the case, there is a great need in the industry for professional music creatives ranging from music producers, music sound engineers, song writers, instrumentalists and singers to meet this great need gap that has been created.

Learning music production in Kenya gives you a hedge with an extra skill and understanding of music and music needs and one can excel quite well especially as a sound engineer and music producer if the right attributes of what has been learnt is kept in to practice.

One can be either employed since so many production houses are looking for professional music producers and sound engineers or open their own home studios to begin exercising and practicing while inviting potential clients as individual singers, bands and choirs.

Where can one learn professional music production?

Elite Focus Arts & Entertainment School, provides you with professional music production courses in Kenya. Call, text & WhatsApp +254740694774 or Email via to enroll for professional music production courses in Kenya.

Many schools offer music production courses in Kenya but only a few gives you the updated syllabus when it comes to the updated software, plugin and hardware information. It’s also important to know that there’s a change in the music trends with new genres in the sub categories of music like Afrobeats Music, Amapiano Music & Drill/ Grime Rap Hip-hop and that’s why you need a team of professionals to assist you.

Reach out by calling +254740694774 to Enroll or Send email via +254740694774 to Enroll for professional music courses in Kenya. Click here to contact us

Voice Over Agency in Africa | Voice Over Agency in Kenya | Voice Over Actors in Kenya | Professional Voice Actors Services | Voice Over Training in Kenya | Become a professional Voice Over Artist | Voice Over Training Course in Kenya | Professional Female Voice Over Artist In Kenya Voice Over Courses In Kenya | Courses To Pursue In Kenya |
Voice Over Courses In Kenya | Courses To Pursue In Kenya

2. Voice Over Courses In Kenya

Voice Over is one course you need to enroll on because using your God-given tool that is your voice, you can not only inspire and impact but also thrive in terms of your earnings and reputation. Many voice actors like Johnson Mwakazi, Mike Oyier and more have forged their way and excelled in this unique path since it’s less known, high in demand and less saturated.

There’s so many fields in voice over one can excel in ranging from commercial ads, phone on hold IVRs, Corporate Voice Overs, Commercial Voice Overs, Documentaries, Narrations and Recitals, Audio Books, Film Trailers and More.

Telecommunication companies like Safaricom & Airtel need Phone On Hold IVR in order to deal with the large clientele base and to serve with ease, media houses need translation voice overs when dealing with indigenous languages and this has created a huge gap on demand in the industry of voice over and communications.

Where can one learn professional voice over?

At Audio Elite Focus, you can pursue professional voice over courses, where you’ll not only be trained on the voice acting part but also the business aspect including how to do your quotes & invoices and the sound engineering part such that you’re fully independent in case you’re blessed enough to have your own studio setup.

Call Elite Focus voice Agency Via +254740694774 or Email via to enroll and pursue professional voice over courses in Kenya. Click here to get familiar with the course and it’s requirements

Produce a Film in Africa | Shoot Music Video in Africa
Professional Photography & Filming Courses in Kenya | Courses To Pursue In Kenya

3. Professional Photography & Filming Courses In Kenya

Filming & Photography is no longer a career reserved for the top geniuses but a necessity to the current era and generation. With the current tech realization and development of platforms that content creators can earn from like YouTube, TikTok, Instagram & Facebook, It’s important to create content that are intriguing and that will keep viewers glued to watching and that will earn you more watch time, recommendations and high retention rate when it comes to followers, fans and viewers.

Also if one needs to pursue filming and/or photography as a career, so many jobs out here are waiting on you ranging from;

  • News Room Filming Career in Kenya
  • Wedding Filming & photography
  • Movie Filming
  • Event Filming
  • Astrophotography
  • Safari & Wildlife photography & Filming
  • Real Estate Video Coverage
  • Corporate Conferences Shooting

These and many more are amongst the career opportunities in the field of professional photography & filming courses in Kenya if one chooses to pursue these unique courses.

If you’re looking to pursue professional photography or filming in Kenya call +254740694774 or Email us via to enroll with us. You can also use the chat box on the right to start a conversation with one of our available assistants on how to enroll.

Professional Coding & IT Courses To Pursue In Kenya
Professional Coding & IT Courses To Pursue In Kenya | Courses To Pursue in Kenya

4. Coding & IT Courses

Coding is one skill you want to acquire as a person/ individual. The world is moving at quite a fast pace and this is quite seen because of technological advancement and the development of Artificial Intelligence (A.I). This wouldn’t have been possible without the genius input of coders and IT experts.

The leading global billionaires of the world currently are those who have harnessed the power of the internet and by that we mean Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Alibaba, Amazon, Uber, Airbnb and even Tesla has been great because of the incorporation of cyber-tech and AI.

Tech is everything right now and all the tech giants know that a small thing that one might overlook might come back and bite you & your net worth and so with tech it’s important to constantly do research and be innovative on ways to always advance in the field of pursuit one has chosen and especially in the fields of Coding, IT and AI.

The Coding career is a limitless world and that offers great career opportunities globally from web design, web development, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics and so much more and can pay anywhere from thousands of dollars to billions if done well.

Looking to learn professional Coding & IT Courses in Kenya? you’re in the right place, call, text, or WhatsApp us via +254740694774 or Email us via to enroll. Click here to contact us or use the chat box on the lower right to start a conversation with one of our available attendants.

Learn 3D Animation in Kenya | 3D Courses in Kenya | Animation Courses in Kenya | Courses to pursue in Kenya

5. 3D & Animation Courses In Kenya

3D & Animation courses offers a wide range of career opportunities ranging from, 3D Modeling, 2D Animation for cartoons, 3D architectural renders, Gaming Design, Interior Design 3D Animation, Corporate 3D animation, 3D Films, Medical Illustration 3D Animation and many other opportunities that pays wholesomely.

3D is a unique career opportunity that presented itself from the late 90’s all the way to early 2000’s and it opened doors to films like “Chicken Run” that grossed millions and other cartoon series that weighed in a lot in the craft and improvement on the 3D design.

3D has lot’s of demand in the real estate sector especially if a client wants to see the entire project in advance and how everything is going to turn up for projects like a mall project for instance the 2 Rivers Mall, that were done by Livingstone Righa you can check the 3D Designs here.

3D Modeling, Renders in the fields of design, filming and animation offers lots of opportunities for newbies who intend to join the field of practice and one should begin their pursuit with an open mind full of creativity.

Looking forward to pursue 3D Animation in Kenya? Call text or WhatsApp us via +254740694774 or Email us via for professional 3D Animation Classes.

Event Planning Courses in Kenya | Courses to pursue in Kenya
Event Planning Courses in Kenya | Courses To Pursue in Kenya

6. Event Planning Courses In kenya.

Events and conferences are one field you want to put your best foot forward in because of the demand that is there and the few suppliers who are trying to beat the demand in the event planning sector. Events & Wedding planning courses are one of the major fields that require soberness in terns of the mentality while planning and good organization skillset that gives you a hedge in terms of the outcome and client retention rate.

Large events and conferences have good margins and returns all together and if one ventures with a good capacity, proper work ethic and timely delivery, the reputation of their company goes up and the return of the clients guarantees good R.O.I on each and every event setup.

In this field, one needs to get familiar with the client demands, practicality in terms of setting up & setting down, themes for each type of event, types of setup equipment and accessories, amongst many other details while keeping in check both the client, vendors, venue owners and the rest of the team coordinated in order to meet and beat the deadlines diligently.

Event planning offers lots of opportunities including travelling, networking, adventure and so much more that you’ll find alongside the money matters as return and it’s something one should be more passionate about than venture into with the mentality of making ends meet.

Want to harness and unlock your passion in Event Planning in Kenya? Call, Text or WhatsApp us via +254740694774 or Email us via for more.

Event Deejay & Emcee for Hire in Kenya Deejay & Emcee Courses in Kenya | Deejay Courses in Kenya
Deejay & Emcee Courses In Kenya | Courses To Pursue In Kenya

7. Deejay & Emcee Courses In Kenya

Deejay is another major career that many people join for passion and same to the emcee career. A combination of the two skillset that is deejaying and emceeing is what deejays like “Kalonje”, Creme Dela Creme and many more on the map and many who have emulated the same have excelled greatly in the entertainment field.

Back then we used to have deejays like “Jeff Mwangemi” on his segment “Yours for the asking” who had mastered the art of combining the emcee & the deejaying factor and coming up with a mix combination that mad the listeners stay glued to the radio and to date the demand is still high for entertainers who can perform as both deejay and/or emcee.

There’s a demand for club deejays in Kenya, radio deejays, wedding deejays and emcees, corporate deejays and emcees and so much more that is yet to be explored. The careers pay well with reputation and especially if one can manage to stage their brands on major platforms like segments on TV.

The career has good returns, we have witnessed deejays bagging close to a half a million Kenyan shillings on good days and others doing KES 150K to KES 300K per show.

Want to learn to professional deejay and emcee courses in Kenya? Call text or WhatsApp us via for professional deejay and emcee courses in Kenya.

Graphic Design Services In Kenya Made Easy | Coding Courses in Kenya | Courses to pursue In Kenya Graphic Design Courses in Kenya
Graphic Design Courses In Kenya | Courses To Pursue in Kenya

8. Graphic Design Courses in Kenya.

Graphic design is another potential field that one needs to pin themselves into since it provides lots of opportunities for those naturally skilled in this particular field. There is no branding without graphic design, no logo without graphic design, no business cards, no billboard or anything of that sort that would have came to life without proper branding.

Graphic designers with good skillset present a unique opportunity to give life on blank canvases as artwork, billboards and designs which in turn gives life to the whole branding perspective and gives every little thing that has ever been designed an identity.

Graphic designers make some good money especially those posted on busy allies and those who have branded and marketed themselves well so that they can easily be found.

One needs a creative and clear mindset to come up with unique designs and logos in order to meet & beat the client expectations and also to stay ahead of the pack in the busy industry.

Wanna learn professional graphic design in Kenya? Call text or WhatsApp us via +254740694774 or Email us on for professional graphic design courses in Kenya.

Sales & Marketing Courses In Kenya
Sales & Marketing Courses In Kenya | Courses To Pursue In Kenya

9. Sales & Marketing Courses In Kenya

The one area that every business person requires strength is in the business of buying and selling and that begins with sales and marketing. As a sales &/or marketing executive, one needs to learn good communication in their field of pursuit and have great flexibility in case it’s an experiential marketing firm since different products, apps and services are tested and the only way to do numbers if the sales representatives have acquired good skillsets in their various/ specific fields pf pursuit.

With sales and marketing it’s all about the language, the vocabulary, the convincing power and many other skills that one acquires while growing in this particular field of business. Other complex skills might include the ability to close on potential leads and retaining high value clients who not only determines the net worth of the sales individual but also that of the company.

Want to know more about sales and marketing? Call text or WhatsApp us via +254740694774 or Email us via You can also use the chat box on the right to start a conversation with one of our available attendants.

Event Drone Coverage Services In Kenya | Drone & Aerial Survey Courses in Kenya | Courses to Pursue in Kenya
Drone & Aerial Survey Courses In Kenya | Courses To Pursue In Kenya

10. Drone & Aerial Survey Courses In Kenya.

Drone & Aerial survey are amongst some of the high risk courses but those with a wholesome of good returns if harnessed. It’s one of the less competitive areas because of all the demands and requirements asked for by the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority and that if harnessed can be a major skill to add on your filming and survey portfolio and that will give you a hedge especially while being vetted for such positions.

A Licensed Drone Operator, gets from KES 15,000/- to KES 80,000/- per project/ day and it’s one of the field that one should look into while thinking to pursue filming of they can deal with the risks.

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