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Voice Over Career.

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Why should one venture into Voice Over as a career?

Voice over career is one of the sleeping gold mines that are yet to be over saturated and it’s one of the paying careers that if you venture with the right strategy and build your brand reputation you can earn up to 7 figures annually.

In Africa and more so in Kenya, not so many have ventured into this intriguing career not because of anything but just because they haven’t given it a deep thought and known they ways around it. We have done research and viewed some of the major voice over brand ambassadors like “Mike Oyier” and “Johnson Mwakazi” rate cards for voice overs and they go way over 5 figures. What do they do differently?

Aside from being good at what they do, they have established their brands and made sure they feature on major brands and they have a website and also social sites where you can preview their samples to measure their flexibility and performances based on their delivery and sound.

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What is Voice Over?

This is a recorded audio done by a professional voice actor, from a written script. The script is usually done by the help of a creative director and or with a professional script writer.

It’s usually derived from the flow of the storyboard where the professional script writers pick the flow of events and updates the script depending with the story line.

There are many people involved in the preparation of the voice over recording and the recording is usually done in a professional soundproof recording studio.

Below are the people involved in a voice over recording session;

  1. Voice Director
  2. Producer
  3. The Client
  4. Sound Engineer
  5. The Voice Actor(s)
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1. The Voice Director

The “Voice Director” as the name goes is the one that fully directs the session. They are responsible for making sure the “Voice Actor” is having the rhythm and flow that is needed, they are also responsible for making sure the producer gets the ideal sound and energy which can also be equated to audibility and the correct attitude for script execution.

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2. The Voice Over Producer

The “Voice Over Producer” the producer is the person responsible for all production and post-production process involved in the voice over. The Voice Producer, is usually in charge of the sound engineers who are in charge of recording process and setting up the studio for the recording session.

They are also involved in the mixing and mastering phase where they also make sure the right bed-music is incorporated to the voice over.

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3. The Voice Over Client

I’d love to mention this before going any further. it should be known that the “The Voice Over Client” is not necessarily the person whose name is on the project. Who therefore is referred to as the client?

The voice over client is the person who contracts or sub-contracts you to do the recording they might be an agency or a recording studio but they should be treated with the utmost respect same way one would have respected the project owner who is hereby “Their Client”.

4. The Voice Over Sound Engineer

The “Sound Engineer” is the person responsible for setting up a voice over recording session. They set up both the virtual presets on the software and the hardware making sure the right amount of sound is coming in from the condenser mics and the background noises have been curbed.

The sound engineer plays a big role during recording for they ensure that the sound levels are right and they also assist in making sure each and every take has been captured and the session has been saved.

5. The Voice Actor

A voice actor also referred to as the voice over artist or voice over talent, is who I call the centre act. They are usually at the centre of it all since the voice actor’s voice and sound is what is used in the projection and in their execution, they determine whether the team shall have a good recording or one that is off.

Voice Actors are therefore called earlier for voice casting auditions in order to have the best when it comes to narrowing down to the best suited voice actor.

At Audio Elite Focus we have successfully done numerous voice over auditions and ended up with many potential voice over actors ranging from kids, teens, young adults and mature adults both male and female. You can check out some of our voice samples on our YouTube page.

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Conclusion: Is Voice Over Career A Worthy Course to Pursue?

Well for me or rather us it has been quite a fulfilling journey and with the different fields on it as a career you’d always find somewhere to fit in or to fill a gap. The decision though remains hundred percent in your hands and in taking action.

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